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As we all know, a boat is a type of watercraft which has been specifically designed for navigating in near-shore areas or inland waterways such as rivers and lakes. What makes a boat different from a ship is, of course, its smaller size, and lesser carrying capacity compared to the latter. However, shape and capacity-varies according to its purpose.

Wake surf boat

A wake surf boat, similar to a wake boat, is designed for a very large wake, and is configured to create a large wake on one side of the boat. Surfing the wake is like surfing an ocean wave that never breaks and never ends. These boats also have two trim tabs plates that adjust to manage the boat’s trim or angle to the water, to make the wake larger on one side of the boat. The surfer gets up while holding onto to a short tow rope as you see this, and once he or she is propelled by the wake alone, tosses the tow rope into the boat and surfs away.

Runabout Boats

Your standard runabout is multipurpose. Yes, you could ski, fish, or wakeboard behind it (best not try to surf), but it would not be ideal for any of those purposes. These boats are typically used for transportation and socializing. They can have an open bow with seating for two to four adults in front of the helm, or a closed bow with just a helm and seating area behind it. In cases, the helm and seating area has a shaded canvas bimini top for sun protection. Most have built in coolers and lots of cup holders for enjoying your beverage of choice.

Party Boats

Party boats or deck boats used to be little more than a platform on top of pontoons, with a helm and an outboard motor. The point is to provide a deck to socialize on, hence the nickname party boat. Nowadays, deck boats can be tricked out with high performance engines, heads, sound systems, plush furniture, refrigerators, sinks and barbeques.

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