Holidays in tree house rental at the cozy camp campsite

During the summer holidays, enjoy the rustic charm of camping life with a tree house rental at Camping Cozy Camp. Live a unique moment in the middle of nature, while enjoying the advantages of modern comfort. The campsite is located just a few kilometers from the beach, making it the perfect place for a summer getaway!

Why choose a tree house rental for your holidays

A tree house is a unique accommodation that offers interesting views and creative leisure activities. You could turn this place into great memories with your family. Thanks to a tree house for rent from the Cozy Camp campsite, you will have the opportunity to spend your stay surrounded by nature. By spending time in the tree houses, you will live an exceptional experience while being close to all the amenities of the Cozy Camp campsite. A tree house can therefore be the ideal solution to convey positive emotions during your holidays.

The advantages of living in a tree house for your holidays

Live a unique experience by residing for your holidays in a cozy camping tree house. In addition to the idyllic setting, the tree house is equipped with the modern conveniences you need for your stay and offers furnished accommodation from which you can contemplate the charm of Nature. Proximity to local restaurants and bars as well as a variety of exciting activities are waiting to be discovered. Far from anything that ordinary camping could offer, this welcoming bonus accommodation is the best way to enjoy cozy camp camping.

What to do near camping cozy camp

If you are looking for a calm and peaceful environment to spend a good holiday, then Camping Cozy Camp is the ideal place. Besides tree houses for rent, you will also find thousands of entertainment possibilities. There is a park to relax or walk pets, a swimming pool to cool off and a lot of fun activities to do with family members or friends. The campsite offers a multitude of adventures such as stargazing at night, walking on the paths around the lakes, which makes it the ideal place to escape and take full advantage of the exceptional natural surroundings it offers.

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