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Not so long ago, all motor boats were called small boats and had to be registered with the General Inspectorate of Small Craft. It was necessary to register those that were used under the engine.

A specific proposal

Today, all these horrors can be forgotten as a nightmare. Since 2012, instead of small boats, floating means have appeared - anything weighing less than 200 kg and with an engine of less than 8 kW does not have to be registered. Exclusively by the will of the owner himself, if you want to register as before, if you want such large water spaces, no one will ask you to do so.

It is important to follow the rules

The requirements for the availability of rights have also changed. Anything that is not subject to registration does not require a management certificate. There has been no change with the taxes: the transport tax for an outboard engine is 5 HP. You still have to pay and now you just have to inform the tax independently. The inspector, using the existing inscriptions on the rent a boat croatia and determines if the boat is more easily located. If the boat is not subject to registration, a technical examination (TO) is not required.

Boat rental for fishermen

An inflatable boat is always comfortable for fishermen due to the presence of hard ground, comfortable seats and oars. An inflatable boat is always functional through the possibility of installing a motor, the presence of a set of attachment bases and supports. An inflatable boat is always on the quality of the material and a sufficient number of compartments in the inflatable sides, as well as the diameter of the balloon.

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